Sanctuary 4Kids Treasure Coast

GFNF’s latest mission to help abused and neglected children is to create a temporary safe place for children being brought into care by the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Sanctuary4Kids will serve as a temporary location for abused and neglected children to wait while investigators work to find a safe placement for the children. Trauma Informed care provided to the children while their physical and emotional needs are met will help reduce the impact of the trauma already experienced and not re-traumatize the child.

Currently, if an immediate placement is not available for children, the children wait at the DCF office while investigators work to find a safe home for the children. The offices were not designed nor intended to serve the physical or emotional needs of children coming into care.

Studies indicate prolonged trauma and repeated trauma have long term biological and social impact, thus Sanctuary4Kids is a big step in providing that initial sense of safety for the children.

Not one agency, individual or organization can do it all – it takes the entire community to help protect our children. Please join us in this amazing project to better serve maltreated children!

E-mail for more information.